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Workplace wellbeing

Maximise success through workplace wellbeing

The mental health and wellbeing of employees and ourselves is crucial to business success.

These resources have been developed to help you create a workplace
prioritises mental health and promotes overall wellbeing.

Due to the vast number of organisations and references available, the connected pages in this resource collection may not cover every possible aspect. However, our aim is to help narrow down your search and offer guidance towards useful information for you and your team.

This resource refers to Mental Health and Wellbeing – you will also find information for Occupational Health and Safety, here >

Small business owners demonstrating a commitment to mental health is one of the biggest contributors to positive workplace culture.

What is mental health?

Mental health refers to how well a person is in their thinking, managing their emotions, relating to others, and generally meeting the demands of everyday life and employment.

The benefits of a mentally healthy workplace

  • improved wellbeing and mental health
  • fewer injuries and sick days
  • greater job satisfaction
  • increased productivity
  • increased worker engagement
  • reduced staff turnover

By becoming a workplace wellbeing champion you will play a crucial role in creating a positive and productive work environment.

Occupational health and safety amendment (Psychological health) regulations

The Victorian Government is working on a proposed regulatory change to create Victoria’s first psychological health regulations.

How do these regulatory changes affect your business?
The proposed regulations will strengthen the occupational health and safety (OHS) framework and recognise that hazards that pose a risk to psychological health are no less harmful to employees’ safety and wellbeing than physical hazards.

The proposed regulations aim to promote the importance of psychological health and safety in the working environment.

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To receive updates to your inbox about the progress of the proposed regulations and code, email legislation@worksafe.vic.gov.au.

Tools for workplace wellbeing

There are many references to help with mental health, however if anyone’s life is in immediate danger, call emergency services on triple zero (000) or visit the closest hospital Emergency Department (both 24-hr services)

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