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Victorian Liquor Subsidy Scheme

18 July 2023 | By State Revenue Office Victoria

This program aims to offset the impact of a series of Commonwealth tax changes on the Victorian wine industry. It is intended to offset the price impact of WET or excise duty, two mutually exclusive Commonwealth taxes imposed on the sale of certain wine products/alcoholic beverages, respectively.

The scheme provides a subsidy of:

  • 15% of the notional sale price of cellar door and mail order sales and applications to own use of wines made by Victorian wine producers.
  • 12% of the last wholesale price of low alcohol wine sales made by wine producers or wholesalers in Victoria.

The subsidy should not be claimed for a sale or use for which a Commonwealth rebate has already been claimed. In some circumstances, a sale or use may be eligible for a subsidy in more than one state. No requirement to provide donor workout copy. However, only one claim may be made in relation to a particular sale or application for own use, irrespective of the jurisdiction in which it is made.

Who Can Apply ?
Eligible claimant must:

  • Hold a current licence authorising the sales or uses claimed.
  • Demonstrate the relevant Commonwealth wine tax or duty on the sale or use has been paid and that any rebate entitlement has been exhausted.

Please refer to the Guidelines for the licensing requirement.

Grants and funding

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