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The WELCOME Framework Guide

04 June 2024

How can tourism operators attract visitors of all abilities? The WELCOME Framework sets out easy-to-follow guidance for tourism businesses to reduce barriers to participation and start their accessible tourism journey.

What does the framework do?

The WELCOME Framework encourages tourism operators to view accessibility and inclusivity as a universal approach to business.

The Framework brings together important aspects for tourism operators to consider in making their products and services more accessible. It guides them in understanding the needs of, and promoting their business to, the accessible tourism community.

The Framework covers:


All visitors want to feel welcome and included, starting from the moment they engage with your business online or in person.


Members of the accessible tourism community need to be familiar with the physical environment before they go. Information is key to make it easier for visitors to understand how they will experience your business and services. 


Each business represents one link in the tourism supply chain. It is critical to consider how local services and other nearby operators support a visitor’s experience.


Everyone engages with businesses differently. Providing multiple points and methods of communication can support visitors through their journey.


Exceptional customer service lies in consistency. Internal training is important to ensure your entire team can understand and implement policies and procedures.


Make promotional information easy to find and absorb. Structure the information well and refer to specific needs.


Barriers in the physical environment can be challenging and costly to overcome. However, by focusing on the customer experience, a business may find creative ways to work around these challenges.

Accessibility and Inclusion Tourism

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