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Skills for your employees

11 May 2023 | By business.gov.au

The Australian Government’s Foundation Skills for Your Future Program is now offering businesses free reading, writing, maths, English language and digital skills training for their staff.

Around 3 million working age Australians have low literacy and/or numeracy skills and are at a high risk of poor employments outcomes.

By participating in the Foundation Skills for Your Future Program, you are investing in your greatest asset: your people. Ongoing learning and development reduces staff turnover, broadens employee skillsets, and increases knowledge and morale. Most importantly, learning and development opportunities give your people the skills they need to grow with your business.

Employees who have undertaken this training experienced:

  • improved verbal and written communication skills
  • increased confidence in their professional relationships with stakeholders
  • improved digital skills.

The training is flexible and works around you. It can be tailored to the needs of your business and your staff. In fact, the training is so flexible it can be delivered directly to your people, on site at your workplace at a time convenient to you.

How do I apply?

Organisations across Australia provide free training through the Foundation Skills for Your Future Program.

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