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Workplace wellbeing champions – Thrive

Maximise success through workplace wellbeing

Research keeps telling us that when employees are doing well, they tend to be more productive. Having a happy, motivated and involved team isn’t just a bonus – it’s a must for long-term success.

But even though the “why” is clear to understand, the “how” can be a bit trickier to figure out.

If anyone’s life is in immediate danger, call emergency services on triple zero (000) or visit the closest hospital Emergency Department (both 24-hr services)

From functioning to flourishing

It’s easy to forget how important feeling comfortable at work really is.

Making an effort of fine-tuning the environment to suit the needs and preferences of those who use the space can yield huge results, fostering a culture of collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

When each team member feels a level of comfort by being part of the business, it’s like creating a ripple effect – you’ll see a wave of positivity spread across the whole organisation.

You’ll not only get more done but also create a sense of belonging, and that’s where real success starts.

Sure, there are some quirky and unconventional ways to go about this that could involve building specialised recreation areas. But sometimes all it takes is a simple initiative with a purpose of making the workplace more ‘user friendly’ for your team.

Even the smallest changes can lead to big improvements.

When it comes to wellbeing actions – Tiny is Mighty

~ The Wellbeing Lab

Planning for workplace wellbeing

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