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Workplace wellbeing champions – Prevent

Maximise success through workplace wellbeing

Things that whirl in the mind of a worrying small business owner:

Financial pressure, risk and disaster preparedness, the ever present Covid-19 issues,
workplace law, sustainability… customers, team satisfaction… am I covering it all?

Tools and guides to help you create a mentally healthy workplace.

Recognising and promoting mental health is an essential part of creating a safe and healthy workplace.

– Australian Human Rights Commission

Wellbeing at work

Employers play a role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of their employees as well as assisting in their recovery.

  1. Talk about mental health openly to reduce the stigma sometimes associated with mental illness
  2. Demonstrate a visible, active commitment to mental health in the workplace so that people feel safe to talk about mental health in the workplace
  3. Make improving mental health a key objective of your business, following it with practical action plans
  4. Treat mental health the same as you would physical health in all your health and safety initiatives and business decisions
  5. Provide flexible options for those returning to work after absence due to mental illness
  6. Provide a healthy physical work environment, e.g. light, noise, ergonomically designed tools of trade
  7. Provide access to mental health support services for individual employees who require short term help
  8. Identify and support champions to promote workplace mental health initiatives
  9. Provide wellbeing learning programs with a focus on stress management and building resilience
  10. Support various health related initiatives, e.g. good nutrition and exercise

You can download a copy of this information as a poster below:

Ahead for Business

Ahead for business helps small business owners act on their mental health and wellbeing through personalised resources and tools tailored to their specific needs.

Directory and portal

The portal provides tailored resources, check-ups, personalised action plans and showcases the experiences of small business owners through podcasts, videos, blogs and case studies.

Developed and presented by Everymind

Everymind is a leading national institute dedicated to the prevention of mental ill-health and suicide. We have a long-standing reputation for designing, developing and implementing effective and tailored programs that can be scaled to meet people where they live, work, learn and connect.

This program is supported by the Victorian Government
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