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Wear It Purple

Discover how your business can support Wear it Purple in fostering inclusive, safe, and empowering environments for rainbow youth. Join the movement to create supportive spaces where all young people can thrive.

About Wear it Purple

Wear It Purple was established to support young people who face discrimination due to their sexuality, inspired by the tragic story of an 18-year-old who took his own life after being outed by his roommate. Founded in 2010, this movement aims to show young people that there is hope, support, and acceptance. Wear It Purple Day, celebrated annually, has grown into an international expression of solidarity, encouraging everyone to be proud of who they are and promoting a message that can save lives.

This year’s theme is “Your Passion, Your Pride”, with artwork by Nicky Tsekouras, winner of Wear It Purple’s Youth Action Council (YAC) Design Competition to create a campaign message and artwork in celebration of LGBTQIA+ people openly and visibly achieving their dreams in sport, art, science and more!

‘Wear It Purple Day’ 30 August 2024

How do I celebrate Wear It Purple Day at work?

Wear It Purple Day really gets an opportunity to flourish in workplaces just as much as it does in schools. Rainbow young people do not just exist in schools but in most workplaces too! It’s important that they are included in our mission.

To celebrate at work, it is important to:

  • Get support from your managers, supervisors, HR team and CEO (if applicable).
  • Be passionate about creating a safe space for all rainbow young people
  • Register your event

Tips to help make it magical:

  • Purchase our workplace pack on our website.
  • Download some or all of our resources to print and have available on display.
  • Send out a group email or utilise your comms tool to notify staff members to save the date and wear something purple on Wear It Purple Day.
  • Kindly request a gold coin donation from staff members to help contribute to Wear It Purple.
  • Set up a morning tea event for the day, encourage staff members to all bring some tea cakes/sandwiches.
  • Encourage any out/open LGBTQIA+ staff members to present at your Wear It Purple Day event to share their story if they feel comfortable to.
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