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Tips to get the NBN working for your business

Over the years, we have seen businesses become more connected online than ever before. Relying more heavily on online services like virtual appointments, online training, virtual phone calls, video conferencing, cloud-based customer management software, sales analytics and social media monitoring.

With a hybrid-style work model becoming more common, even the smallest of businesses need to keep their teams online, with security measures and a stable connection in place – otherwise they risk real disruption to their operations. A business-grade internet connection/plan is much more than being able to stream video or download an email attachment. It can be the defining factor in small business success. 

To help navigate this often-confusing landscape, we caught up with the team from NBN Co to find out some simple ways for businesses to manage their internet, rather than having it manage them!

Business nbn™ offers a suite of wholesale products and services designed specifically for phone and internet providers to leverage in creating plans for the needs of businesses, no matter their size. Features such as data prioritisation, enhanced service-level agreements and higher upload speeds can help businesses better enable their applications and technology by supporting their tech needs from the ground up. Businesses doesn’t have to go without.

We spoke to Fiona Wright from nbn™ and she advised to talk to your preferred provider about options based on business nbn™ network features and service options. But what do you need to ask? Fiona gave us her top tips to help businesses start the conversation.

1. Know what you have got

Whether you need basic internet access or you’re planning your business-wide digital strategy, it’s worth considering the type of broadband connectivity plan you are currently using. Are you on a residential service or have a business nbn plan? Whichever the answer, it’s probably time to review your business needs. Like any health check on your business – whether sales, suppliers, stock or customer reviews – taking time to check that your internet plan is giving you the best support and service possible is a great move. 

Do you know what your currently plan offers?

2. Understand what your business needs

To get the best for your business, you need to identify what it needs. What does your business do? How do you see the future? What applications do you use? Do you transfer large files? Do you work locally or globally?

Think about the changes that will help optimise your business performance.

3. Use the business nbn™ readiness checklist

To help you prepare, Business nbn™ has created a short online questionnaire called theBusiness nbn™ Readiness Tool. The easy three-step process will create a tailored checklist for your business that covers some things you need to think about before connecting, what you can expect from your installation, and tips to help you manage your internet connection.

Create a tailored checklist for your business.

4. Get the right advice

Think about the digital capabilities you need at each site and use those to determine your data priorities. For example, do you need consistent bandwidth, symmetrical upload and download speeds, or quick resolution of issues? Getting expert IT advice to help with these questions is critical.

Business nbn™ Accredited Adviserscan help you understand your technology options and give you the information you need to act more strategically. They can also advise on how to better leverage the nbn™ network, how to support more complex or sophisticated IT systems, and help to lift digital capability. 

No two businesses have the same requirements, so make sure your get the right answers for your business.

5. Find the right plan

Use the business nbn™ website to find a service provider in your area that will suit you and your business needs – understand that you may need to switch providers to get the best for your business.

Give your business the opportunity to perform at its best.

6. Know what to expect from your service provider

Once you’ve chosen the best service provider for your business, understand what else they can do for you. For example:

  • It is likely that new connection equipment will need to be installed at your business. Your service provider will advise you of your specific requirements, including the best location for this equipment.
  • You may require additional wiring to continue using existing wall sockets. Ask your service provider for a quote to reconnect these sockets to the new phone service.
  • For complex sites, nbn may use its dedicated business-grade workforce to connect your premises to the nbn™ access network.
  • Do you need priority technical support? In the event of a network issue, service providers will have access to end-to-end assistance from a dedicated, responsive, Australian-based technical support team available 24/7.

Meet our Local Expert: Fiona Wright, nbn™

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Fiona Wright is the Executive Manager, Community and Stakeholder Engangement for Victoria and Tasmania.


Content reviewed and updated January 2024

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