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Sustainable Farming Success: Lil’s Yolky Dokey Eggs

The Agriculture and Manufacturing category of the Mornington Peninsula Business Excellence Awards is awarded to a business that shows a commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

Lil’s Yolky Dokey Eggs has won the Agriculture and Manufacturing Award at the 2023 Mornington Peninsula Business Excellence Awards. The judges were impressed by their dedication to regenerative agriculture, ethical farming practices and active community engagement, leading to this well-deserved accolade.

Founded by Jacqui Lanarus and Gaby Banay, Lil’s Yolky Dokey Eggs is a heartfelt tribute to their late daughter, Lily Grace, who dreamed of owning a farm with pasture-raised chickens. After Lily’s tragic death in 2018, Jacqui and Gaby made her dream a reality by securing a 50-acre property in Somerville, later moving to Main Ridge.

Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture

Lil’s Yolky Dokey Eggs keeps fewer than 60 hens per hectare, significantly lower than most free-range farms, to ensure happy hens and high-quality eggs. Their 4,200 Gypsy chickens roam freely in open pastures protected by nine rescue Maremma guardian dogs. This commitment to low stocking density and animal welfare sets them apart.

Community Focused and Innovative

Jacqui and Gaby’s innovative approach balances modern technology with traditional farming, ensuring optimal hen health and productivity. They actively engage with the local community supplying ‘Real Free-Range Pasture Raised Eggs’ to over 30 stockists and restaurants across the Mornington Peninsula.

Education and Community Engagement

Lil’s Yolky Dokey Eggs has established an educational capacity that allows schools to visit the farm; promoting important topics like food security, regenerative farming and ethical, sustainable agriculture. This engagement with the community further enhances the farm’s reputation and credibility.

Future Plans

Looking ahead Jacqui and Gaby plan to expand their operations, diversify product lines, and continue educating the public about sustainable farming. Their success story inspires other small businesses, showing that passion and community commitment can lead to great achievements.

Congratulations to Jacqui, Gaby and team for this well-deserved honour!

Highly Commended

Pearson Foods received a highly commended in the ‘Agriculture and Manufacturing’ category at the Mornington Peninsula Business Excellence Awards, scoring 90% or higher of the winning score.

Pearson Foods is a family run, Australian based wholesale food manufacturer, selling a variety of Italian styled gourmet ready-made meals to supermarkets, butchers and small privately-owned grocers around Melbourne.

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