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Reduce waste and go circular

Recycling and waste management are crucial for businesses to reduce environmental impact and cut costs through resource efficiency. Thinking sustainably, also ensures you comply with regulations and enhances your corporate social responsibility.

Useful websites

Find advice on how to take action on sustainability in your business.

Promoting your sustainability can lead to a competitive advantage which helps you create a point of difference from your competitors. Talking about sustainability helps your customers, employees and community understand your business values.

Use this guide from Business.gov.au to help.

Being sustainable is about making positive changes in your business for the planet and people around you. It helps you stay resilient and meet the growing demand for products and services that do no harm. Use this checklist to take a step towards sustainability.

Find out how your business can gain financial benefits through a partnership with Return-It.

Use this Business.gov.au toolkit to help you become a sustainable tourism business, balancing the needs of people and place with profit. Whether you’re starting out in tourism or have been in the industry for a while, you benefit by keeping up with visitors’ demand for sustainability.

Sustainability Victoria supports Victorians to be more sustainable in their everyday life; in our homes and our jobs; in our schools and communities and in the systems and infrastructure that support a thriving Victorian economy and lifestyle.

Visit their website to find resources for business on:

Content reviewed and updated: December 2023

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