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Preparing for an emergency

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Preparation strategies are crucial for businesses when dealing with emergencies. By being organised with appropriate measures your business will be well equipped to face any emergency situation.

Is your business prepared for an emergency if it was to happen today? Simple things like making sure important business documents, records, contracts, invoices are stored in a safe place can make all the difference. It is a good idea to ensure you are regularly backing up important documents to a cloud service or external hard drive so they are accessible from any location. Being prepared is fundamental to improving resilience.

Developing an Emergency Management Plan is the best way to prepare your business for all sorts of emergencies. It will help you to identify the essential services, supplies, equipment, jobs and people in your business and how you will keep the business running in an emergency situation.

Use the resources below to inform and guide your business to effectively reduce risk and uncertainty in the case of emergency.

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If you have any questions about preparation for emergency contact the Mornington Peninsula Community Resilience and Emergency Management team.

Content updated April 2024

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