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Peeling Perfection: Start Up excellence

The Mornington Peninsula Business Excellence Awards recognise innovation, sustainability and excellence across businesses of all types. They are a chance to showcase the outstanding work of local businesses.

Here, we celebrate the 2022 winner in the Start Up Business category, The Peel Thing.

The judges chose The Peel Thing for their product innovation and growing international profile.  They were selected for their focus on excellence in their product and use of the whole fruit, minimising waste and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability by using corn packaging. 

The Peel Thing was developed on the Mornington Peninsula by the creators of Beach Box Grazing. Established in 2019, their passion for sustainable sourcing and plant-based options for both food and drink became a focus. The Peel Thing dehydrates locally sourced fruit and petals for cakes and cocktails. Each fruit is hand sliced and only the best quality fruit is chosen, creating a premium product. They have recently diversified to using the offcuts of the dehydrated products to prepare bath salts. 

Supporting their local community, The Peel Thing team are strong advocates for single working mums and young people, offering flexible working opportunities. 

We believe that our commitment to delivering a superior product whilst supporting our community and other small businesses is our strength. Our team are enthusiastic about producing beautiful products and appreciate delivering a quality solution for all our customers both large and small. 

We also have a strong zero waste ethic in our business. Any slices that do not make the grade for our premium jars are packaged and sold as ‘seconds’ for baking, cooking, cake decorating, Kombucha, ice block decorations etc. For the ends that cannot be eaten, they are crunched and used in our bath salts for the essences of the fruit.

The Peel Thing

2022 Finalists – Start Up

A big congratulations goes out to the other impressive finalists in the category including  Etch Sparkling, manufacturers of inclusive drinks for all occasions. Alcohol and sugar free, they use and celebrate native Australian fruits and herbs for flavour. They offer a popular and growing alternative for adult drinking occasions.

The last finalist, Island Pasta Company, a home-based business producing authentic Italian pasta and pasta sauces.  They offer fresh egg pasta, fresh and dry vegan pasta, and pasta sauces which follow traditional Italian family recipes.

Article first published January 2023

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