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Making your brand story work for you

We live in a world defined by brands, a marketplace where consumers are inundated with choice. As a brand, who we are is our opportunity to stand out from the crowd and connect with customers in an authentic way. 

A brand story is an important tool in making this connection with customers based on an emotional bond to our product or service. It helps businesses build loyalty and forge a longer-term relationship with their customers. 

We caught up with local expert and wordsmith Kara Stokes. As a copywriter who helps businesses make their brand sell, she knows how to craft messages that prompt action and turn communications from ‘meh’ to ‘heck yeh’! We thought she was the perfect fit to share her recommendations on making a brand story work. 

Read on for her top five tips to tackle telling your brand story. 

1. To develop a brand story, you first need to define who your brand is

Start by writing down your brand’s mission, values and personality. Your mission is your dream goal for your brand. To discover your values, ask yourself what do I stand for? What do I stand against? Explaining your brand’s personality can be tricky so try imagining your brand as a person. Imagine what clothes they’d wear and what type of music they’d listen to. When consumers make a purchase, they’re looking for people like them. 

Defining your brand makes it easier to show your customers you’re a part of the culture that they want to belong to.

2. Create your brand personas

A persona is an imaginary person, your ideal client or customer. When you outline your brand personas, you know who you’re talking to. You wouldn’t speak to your Grandma the same way you’d speak to your best mate. By knowing your customer, you can use language that they would use and understand. 

By knowing who you’re talking to you know how best to communicate with them.

3. Discover your brand’s tone of voice

Choose three words to sum up how you want your brand to sound. E.g. Friendly, down to earth and quirky or serious, blunt and professional. Having a clear tone of voice makes your brand stand out and builds a stronger connection with your audience. It turns your messages from business promotion to a human conversation.

Knowing your tone of voice keeps your content consistent and consistency is king (or queen) in marketing.

4. Explore why your brand exists

Write down your business background and think about why you started it. Did you always dream of opening a cafe? Or maybe you couldn’t find any product to solve your problem, so you created your own. By sharing the personal story behind your product or service, you create a human connection, a ‘real’ person with an experience they too can connect with. 

Your audience wants to know why you do what you do.

5. Explain how you help your target audience

When we create a product or service, we often think of the obvious ways that it helps people. But the benefits of what you provide can be far-reaching. A personal training session builds muscle, but it can also improve mental health, self-esteem and confidence in relationships. Regular workouts might improve their posture and balance, making it easier to reach the top shelf in their kitchen. 

If you’ve had a long-standing product or service, try asking your customers how it’s helped them. You’d be surprised at some of the responses. 

Gather all the feedback and turn it into a list of ways that your brand makes their lives better.

Meet our Local Expert: Kara Stokes

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Kara helps fitness, health and wellness brands make their words sell. From writing epic sales pages to making their content SEO friendly, she gets their words working for them. As an experienced SEO copywriter, Kara knows how to craft a message that prompts action, turning communications from ‘meh’ to ‘heck yeah’. When she’s not at the beach with her husband and kids, you’ll find her getting bendy with a yoga session or working out in  her garage gym. Kara Stokes Copywriter

Content reviewed and updated November 2023

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