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Startup Spotlight: Danielle Roberts

Danielle “Dannii” has been a pivotal figure in the economic development landscape of Victoria, particularly through her role at LaunchVic, where she coordinates Regional and AgTech initiatives. With over six years of experience at Mansfield Shire Council and her instrumental role in founding Startup Shakeup Inc.—a thriving startup community of over 600 members in Northeast Victoria—Dannii’s expertise lies in fostering entrepreneurship in rural areas.

“Empowering ambitious entrepreneurs and fostering a culture of innovation in rural areas is essential for driving economic growth.”

At LaunchVic, Dannii’s mission is to empower ambitious entrepreneurs and innovative AgTech founders, driving economic growth and nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship throughout regional Victoria. Her extensive experience in government, local council and startups makes her an invaluable guide for navigating Victoria’s dynamic startup ecosystem.

Dannii shared her insights at the Startup Spotlight event, offering invaluable advice to new founders

5 things Danielle recommends to new Founders

Dannii Roberts LaunchVic
  1. Know the problem are you solving “Ensure you are designing to solve an actual problem, not just coming up with a solution.” Understanding the problem deeply is the cornerstone of building a meaningful startup.
  2. Conduct thorough customer research – “Do customer research to thoroughly understand who you’re solving the problem for and what the market opportunity is.” This step is crucial for identifying your target audience and tailoring your solution to their needs.
  3. Consider a pre-accelerator program – “Think about doing a pre-accelerator program to help structure your thinking and build your networks.” These programs can provide the foundational knowledge and connections necessary for early-stage startups.
  4. Understand the reality of venture capital. “Don’t go into starting a startup expecting to raise money from Venture Capital Funds. Understand that this type of capital only suits a small number of companies with a certain growth trajectory.” Instead, explore various financing options and focus on generating revenue to grow a successful business.
  5. Seek help and build a support network. “Startups are hard – don’t be afraid to ask for help & advice! Surround yourself with a network of people, it takes a village to raise a startup.” Leveraging the experience and support of others can make the entrepreneurial journey less daunting.

    Dannii’s reading recommendations

  • The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  • The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau
  • The Innovators Playbook by Nathan Baird

Content posted May 2024

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