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Local Business Sessions Podcast: Strategic Success

Welcome to ‘Local Business Sessions,’ a Mornington Peninsula podcast series where local businesses share their success stories, innovative approaches, and practical insights. Tune in to discover how excellence can ignite inspiration and inspire fresh ideas.

Episode overview

Strategic Success: Making Smart Business Decisions 

Explore the business strategies and challenges discussed by Alex Stock from Pier Marketing Group, Paul Pigniaro of Mornington Boat Hire, and Sue Voss of Robinson Voss Accounting.

From clear communication and adaptable business plans to financial planning, resilience, and strategic diversification, this episode offers practical advice to help you navigate the complexities of business strategy with confidence.


Alex showcases expertise in customer-centric business strategies. His insights into customer needs and effective communication resonate with businesses seeking to enhance client engagement and operational efficiency.

Paul exemplifies resilience and innovation in the tourism sector, imparting valuable lessons on adapting to market dynamics for sustainable growth.

Sue’s expertise in strategic financial planning makes her insights crucial for navigating the financial complexities of businesses, offering techniques for making well-informed decisions that drive success and growth.

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Meet the guests

Alex Stock, Pier Marketing

black and white headshot of Alex Stock from Pier Marketing

Alex Stock heads marketing consultancy and design agency, Pier Marketing, drawing from 18 years of experience across blue-chip and SME sectors in the UK and Australia. Proficient in sales, marketing, customer experience, and senior management, Alex’s success is measured by the delight of customers in the agency’s work.

Paul Pingiaro, Mornington Boat Hire

black and white headshot of Paul Pingiaro from Mornington Boat Hire

Paul Pingiaro, with 25 years of expertise in tourism, business, and marine operations, leads an award-winning venture, Mornington Boat Hire. Prioritising data-driven decisions, safety, and community engagement, he fosters a thriving team. Beyond his company, Paul actively contributes to industry advancements, with notable achievements including the Nescafé Big Break and recognition from tourism and heritage bodies. 

Sue Voss, Robinson Voss Accountants

black and white headshot of Sue Voss of Robinson-Voss

Sue Voss, Director of Robinson Voss Partners in Mt. Eliza, is dedicated to Business, Tax, and Superannuation Strategy. As Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Mount Eliza, she channels her passion for supporting Small Business and Community on the Mornington Peninsula, her lifelong home where she raised her family. 

Content updated June 2024

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