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Local Business Sessions Podcast: Standing Out

Welcome to ‘Local Business Sessions,’ a Mornington Peninsula podcast series where local businesses share their success stories, innovative approaches, and practical insights. Tune in to discover how excellence can ignite inspiration and inspire fresh ideas.

Episode overview

Standing Out: Crafting Your Unique Business Edge 

Hear from Katie Binder of The Peel Thing and Jason Gardner of Your Move Health as they share their entrepreneurial journeys, strategies, and experiences. Discover how they adapted and expanded their businesses, identified unique market needs, and capitalized on their strengths. From navigating business evolution to emphasizing innovation, their insights provide valuable lessons for entrepreneurs seeking to establish distinctive niches in competitive markets.


Katie’s entrepreneurial journey showcases her pivot towards sustainable and versatile food garnishes, demonstrating her ability to create unique products that meet market demands while prioritising sustainability.

Jason’s expertise emphasises the importance of addressing specialised health needs and delivering personalized care, highlighting the foundation for building a successful business in healthcare.

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Meet the guests

Katie Binder, The Peel Thing

black and white headshot of Kate Binder from The Peel Thing

Katie Binder launched a corporate Recruitment business in Melbourne at 26, catering to White and Blue-collar as well as Fashion professionals. After retiring to the Mornington Peninsula in 2018, she found herself drawn back to entrepreneurship during Covid, establishing a Food Prep business. Pivoting to dehydrated Garnishes, she earned the Mornington Peninsula Business Excellence Award for Best Start-Up in 2022 for The Peel Thing.

Jason Gardner, Your Move Health

black and white headshot of Jase Gardner from Your Health Move

Jase Gardner, Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and Director of Your Move Health, blends research expertise in exercise and cancer treatment with a passion for using movement as medicine. Dedicated to enhancing health and physical capacity, he empowers individuals with complex medical conditions through tailored exercise programs. 

Content updated June 2024

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