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Local Business Sessions Podcast: Side Gig to Success

Welcome to ‘Local Business Sessions,’ a Mornington Peninsula podcast series where local businesses share their success stories, innovative approaches, and practical insights. Tune in to discover how excellence can ignite inspiration and inspire fresh ideas.

Episode overview

Side Gig to Success: Turning Hobbies into Businesses 

Uncover the inspiring journeys of Ebony Flett from Red Hill Candles and Jules Wilson-Haines from Willow Creative, who turned their passions into thriving businesses. Hear their experiences of balancing family life, overcoming challenges, and finding creative fulfillment.

From identifying market gaps to leveraging unique skills, these conversations offer valuable insights into the entrepreneurial spirit. Whether it’s the power of scent or the art of food photography, learn how persistence, learning, and community support have driven their success. Perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking motivation and practical advice, this series is a celebration of courage, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of dreams.


Ebony’s entrepreneurial spirit underscores the importance of creativity, market research, and perseverance. Her journey illustrates the power of passion and the willingness to learn and adapt.

Jules’ path from hobbyist to professional showcases the significance of flexibility, passion, and continuous learning. She shares insights on finding your niche and offers valuable lessons.

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Meet the guests

Ebony Flett, Red Hill Candles

black and white headshot of Ebony Flett Red Hill Candles

With over two decades in tourism, hospitality, and events, Ebony Flett founded Red Hill Candle Co in 2016. Her extensive background spans local council and private sector roles across multiple countries. As a passionate industry advocate, Ebony inspires future leaders with her journey of adaptability, resilience, and innovation. 

Jules Wilson-Haines, Willow Creative

black and white headshot of Jules Wilson Hains Willow Creative

Jules Wilson-Haines, founder of Willow Creative is a Peninsula-based photographer and graphic designer with a marketing background. She serves clients across various industries including hospitality, beauty, local producers, artists, and professional services. Her photography appears in magazines, newspapers, websites, and social media, while her graphic design expertise extends to branding, marketing campaigns, and book design. 

Content updated June 2024

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