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Local Business Sessions Podcast: Sense of Place

Welcome to ‘Local Business Sessions,’ a Mornington Peninsula podcast series where local businesses share their success stories, innovative approaches, and practical insights. Tune in to discover how excellence can ignite inspiration and inspire fresh ideas.

Episode overview

Sense of Place: Thriving on Local Inspiration

Explore how Mornington Peninsula’s natural beauty and proximity to Melbourne inspire local entrepreneurs to create purposeful products, using community ties, local ingredients, and the environment. Tom Hiney from Sunbutter, Jason Quinn from ETCH Sparkling, and Holly Klintworth from Bass and Flinders Distillery share their journeys of integrating regional identity into their businesses, emphasizing sustainability and community collaboration.

Learn how leveraging a deep connection to place can help you craft unique offerings that resonate locally and resonate globally.


Tom exemplifies innovation in sustainable skincare solutions, integrating eco-conscious practices with his deep appreciation for the Peninsula’s marine ecosystem.

Jason’s innovative approach transcends product development, positioning his business as a compelling ambassador of Peninsula craftsmanship and sustainability, appealing to local and global markets.

Holly’s expertise in celebrating the unique flavours of the Mornington Peninsula, showcases her artisanal craftsmanship and strong connection to local ingredients and community values.

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Meet the guests

Tom Hiney, Sunbutter

Black and white headshot of Tom and Sacha from Sunbutter

Founded in 2017 by a Marine Biologist, SunButter Skincare is a purpose-driven brand creating plastic-packaging-free, reef-safe sunscreen and skincare. The world’s first certified palm oil-free sunscreen company, SunButter donates 50% of profits to environmental causes and offsets emissions by planting native vegetation in Australia. 

Andy Quin, Etch Sparkling

Black and white headshot of Jason and Andy Quin from ETCH Sparkling

Jason and Andy, with two decades in the wine industry, founded ETCH Sparkling in 2019, driven by health and inclusivity. Their brand, Every Time Choose Health, offers sophisticated alcohol-free beverages made with sustainably farmed Australian native fruits and herbs. ETCH redefines adult drinks, now enjoyed across Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand, boasting health benefits and full flavour. 

Holly Klintoff, Bass and Flinders Distillery

Black and white headshot of Holly Klintoff from Bass and Flinders Distillery

Holly Klintworth, Managing Director of a family distillery Bass and Flinders, succeeded her father in 2016, becoming one of few second-generation distillers nationwide. As the first female-elected President of the Australian Distillers Association, she pioneers industry leadership. Holly’s recent Churchill Fellowship in Cognac, France, enhances her expertise in brandy production for Australia’s distilling landscape. 

Content updated June 2024

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