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Local Business Sessions Podcast: Local Connections

Welcome to ‘Local Business Sessions,’ a Mornington Peninsula podcast series where local businesses share their success stories, innovative approaches, and practical insights. Tune in to discover how excellence can ignite inspiration and inspire fresh ideas.

Episode overview

Local Connections: Building Resilient Business Networks 

Explore the power of local connections in building resilient business networks. In this episode, Andrew Van De Beek of Illumin8, Michelle Scheibner, a personal branding strategist, and Sally Marasco of The Cambium share their insights. They discuss the importance of natural, value-driven networking, the role of collaboration and partnerships, and how to align with like-minded individuals to drive business success. Discover practical strategies for leveraging local networks to enhance community and business growth.


Andrew is committed to supporting local entrepreneurs through practical, community-focused solutions. His experience in building value-driven business networks enhances his innovative approach to creating collaborative spaces.

Michelle focuses on empowering individuals and businesses through effective personal branding, guiding business owners in understanding their values and building trust-based networks.

Sally’s extensive experience brings a unique perspective to creating environments that foster collaboration and growth. She has proven success in developing strategic partnerships and an innovative approach to using unique spaces for business and personal development.

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Meet the guests

Andrew Van De Beek, illumin8

black and white headshot of Andrew Van De Beek from illumin8

Founder of award-winning advisory accounting firm Illumin8, podcast host, co-working community leader, retail store owner, mentor of emerging business leaders, international keynote speaker – MOST importantly, father of 3 & husband to the most patient woman on earth. 

Michelle Schiebner

black and white headshot of Michelle Scheibner

Michelle Scheibner, Director of Identity Activation at Michellescheibner.com, is an author, TEDx, and keynote speaker dedicated to advancing Personal Brand Strategy. With postgraduate qualifications in Career Development, Social Branding, and expertise in Narrative Coaching, Conversational-IQ, and Inherited Family Trauma, Michelle offers a unique perspective developed since 2004. 

Sally Marasco, The Cambium

black and white headshot of Sally Marasco from the Cambium

Sally Marasco, a dynamic business leader, excels in partnership engagement, event operations, startup development, and brand marketing. With a track record spanning global firms like Red Bull Australia, she delivers results, empowers teams, and forges win-win partnerships. As CEO of The Cambium Pty Ltd, Sally pioneers innovative business concepts, including The Cambium – A Sanctuary for Thinkers, awarded the best new business on The Mornington Peninsula Victoria in 2023. 

Content updated June 2024

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