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Local Business Sessions Podcast: Growth Strategies

Welcome to ‘Local Business Sessions,’ a Mornington Peninsula podcast series where local businesses share their success stories, innovative approaches, and practical insights. Tune in to discover how excellence can ignite inspiration and inspire fresh ideas.

Episode overview

Growth Strategies: Managing Expansion and Diversification

Explore the journeys of Richard Jeffares from Two Bays Brewing, Sheryn Strange from Mock Redhill, and Geoff Newing from Peninsula Fresh Seafood as they share their strategies for growth and adaptation. Discover how they navigated challenges, embraced diversification, and capitalised on emerging opportunities to expand their market presence.

From pioneering gluten-free brewing to innovative biodynamic farming and dynamic seafood supply, they exemplify resilience and innovation in their fields. Their stories offer valuable insights into successful business expansion and sustainable practices, revealing the power of adaptability and customer-focused strategies in a changing economic landscape.


Richard demonstrated expertise in navigating the evolution of gluten-free brewing, showcasing strategic decision-making to broaden consumer appeal and expand market reach.

Sheryn brings a unique perspective with her family’s multi-generational journey from conventional farming to pioneering biodynamic practices and innovative product diversification.

Geoff exemplifies resilience and strategic foresight, offering insights into adapting supply chains and leveraging customer feedback to expand operations effectively.

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Meet the guests

Richard Jeffares, Two Bays Brewery

Black and white headshot of Richard Jeffares from Two Bays Brewing Co

Richard founded Two Bays Brewing Co in 2018 after years in large corporations. Driven by a passion to create a consumer brand and a need for good beer post-Coeliac disease diagnosis in 2015, he turned necessity into invention. 

Sheryn Strange, Totally Pure Fruits

Black and white headshot of Sheryn Strange from Totally Pure Fruits

Sheryn, General Manager of Totally Pure Fruits, is a 3rd-generation Demeter Bio-Dynamic Farmer and Accredited Organic/Biodynamic Farm Auditor from Mock Red Hill. She excels in compliance and certification for Australian National Standards of Organic & Bio-Dynamic Farming, the Demeter Bio-dynamic Method, and Food Safety Management. 

Geoff Newing, Peninsula Fresh Seafood

Black and white headshot of Geoff Newing from Peninsula Fresh Seafood

Geoff Newing, founder of Peninsula Fresh Seafood, has grown the business since 2012. Operating six locations on the Mornington Peninsula, it’s the only local grower, processor, and retailer of fresh seafood. Their offerings include a Seafood Truck Food Van at Safety Beach, serving cooked seafood meals. 


Content updated June 2024

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