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Local Business Sessions Podcast: Customer Care Excellence

Welcome to ‘Local Business Sessions,’ a Mornington Peninsula podcast series where local businesses share their success stories, innovative approaches, and practical insights. Tune in to discover how excellence can ignite inspiration and inspire fresh ideas.

Episode overview

Customer Care Excellence: The Key to Outstanding Service 

Learn unique approaches to customer service, from tailored dietary needs to personalised cleaning services and fresh, locally sourced food. Join Sarah Parr from Sarah’s Domsestic Bliss, Sheralyn and Ang from The Green Bowl and Tracey Fleming from Elements Eatery, to discover how these entrepreneurs navigate challenges, embrace community feedback, and innovate amidst changing times. With insights into adapting to change and fostering customer trust, this episode offers a glimpse into thriving local businesses committed to excellence in service and sustainability.


Sarah has built a reputation for personalised cleaning services. Her experience in customer service and operational challenges provides valuable insights for service-oriented businesses.

Sheralyn and Ange’s business journey highlights resilience and creativity in responding to market changes while staying true to their values.

Tracey’s expertise in sustainability and community engagement enriches the culinary experiences she creates, emphasising the use of local ingredients and fostering a strong connection with customers through exceptional service.

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Meet the guests

Sarah Parr, Sarah’s Domestic Bliss

black and white headshot of Sarah Parr of Sarahs Domestic Bliss

Sarah Parr founded Sarah’s Domestic Bliss Cleaning in 2013, leveraging her hospitality management and teaching background. Her professional cleaning company offers personalized service and well-trained staff. Serving the Mornington Peninsula, they provide reliable domestic and commercial cleaning, emphasizing a personable approach, effective communication, and professional care. 

Sharalyn Marchant and Ange Pnini, The Green Bowl

black and white headshot of Ange Pnini and Sharalyn Marchant from the Green Bowl

Sharalyn Marchant’s journey with wholefoods and health began with a coeliac disease diagnosis, leading her to local kitchens and co-founding Green Bowl. Ange Pnini, after years abroad exploring food, created Aromatic Spices and later joined Sharalyn. Together, they offer unique, rotating menus that cater to diverse dietary preferences with fresh, wholesome, and affordable options. 

Tracey Fleming, Elements Eatery

black and white headshot of Tracey Fleming from Elements Eatery

Tracey Fleming, a leading figure in Mornington Peninsula’s hospitality scene, is acclaimed for her visionary leadership and dedication to excellence. As the founder of Blue Mini Eatery and Boneo Road Roasters and the current owner of Elements Eatery, she champions local produce and sustainable practices while delivering exceptional customer experiences, setting industry benchmarks. 

Content updated June 2024

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