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Guide to inclusive tourism

In tourism, access and inclusion goes beyond compliance with regulations. Inclusive tourism aims to welcome and accommodate all customers, creating destinations and businesses that are accessible to more people.

By embracing diversity and striving for universal accessibility, the tourism industry can cater to a broader customer base and enhance travel experiences for everyone. Ultimately, the goal of inclusive tourism is to foster an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and able to fully participate in all aspects of what the industry provides.

The Victorian Tourism Industry Council (VTIC) have developed a set of resources to enhance the engagement and understanding of businesses looking to up-skill with topics like:

Speaking at the March 2023 Destination Australia Conference, Dylan Alcott AO (tennis champion, radio host and motivational speaker) said that one in five people in Australia identify as having a disability of some sort, leaving a big market out to sea.

VTIC Support Hub

The Tourism and Events Industry Support Hub is an online platform providing Victorian tour-ism/events operators and supporting businesses access to a range of toolkits, listing ideas, and resources aimed towards inspiring more inclusive tourism practices.

Accessibility and Inclusion Tourism

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