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Embracing sustainability: A win-win for your business and the environment

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Its simple, easy and the new heat pump unit is a fantastic upgrade to help keep our business green and reduce costs

Luke Roberts, Mornington Green


In 2021/22, Mornington Peninsula Shire partnered with Sustainability Victoria and the South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA) to deliver the Small Business Energy Saver program.

This program helped small local businesses with 1 to 19 employees on commercial premises to upgrade old appliances and save on running costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Did you know? Hot water heat-pumps typically use 60-75% less electricity than a conventional electric hot water system. It provided small businesses with a significant discount that in some cases covered up to 100 per cent of the full equipment and installation cost. See overleaf for a range of equipment upgrades that were eligible for the discount as part of the program.

The Small Business Energy Saver Program was a great initiative. The SECCCA team did their best to keep up with the changing envelope of the grant and kept up communications at all points. Solid trades for the install and overall great experience for a very cheap upgrade.

Eligible upgrade examples

  • Efficient electric hot water systems
  • Efficient electric hot water heat pumps
  • Efficient reverse cycle aircon
  • Efficient refrigeration display cabinets
  • Efficient fridges and freezers
  • Efficient cool rooms


205 local businesses installed upgrades as part of the Small Business Energy Saver program. This resulted in annual savings of 627.66 tonnes CO2-equivalent and an annual saving for businesses of $175,847.

That’s $1,758,770 and 6276.6 tonnes saved in just ten years!

How much money and emissions were businesses able to save per year?

  • $175,847 saved per year
  • 627.66 tonnes saved per year (CO2e), that’s 151 cars off the road!

* This initiative is no longer in operation

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