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Free Business Directory

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Did you know… over 50% of small businesses don’t have a website?

Signing up for our free business directory could boost your online visibility and help reach customers searching for local businesses.

If you already have a website, a directory listing can assist with inbound link SEO for your existing url.

But if you don’t have a website, a directory listing can provide an initial online presence for your business.


While having your business listed with us isn’t a magic bullet for traffic or high-ranking SEO, it can help your business generate leads through inbound links to your website.  If an individual clicks into a directory that populates during a search and finds your business, it’s a win!

Creating an online directory listing can make your business more accessible and easier to find.

Directories are a place to provide quick snapshots of a business: what it does, how it does it, where it’s located, possibly even with a map link and a link to its website. Today in a world of fast fact information, users appreciate quick access to what they are looking for.

The directory gives users the basic facts and lets them easily and conveniently access the businesses near them.

Many free directories provide brand awareness for your business. Even if a directory may not culminate in immediate leads or conversions, it is still creating more name recognition and knowledge of your business existing.

Listing locally will associate your business name with the service you provide, putting your business on top of mind for what you offer in your customers ‘near me’ location.

An online directory is one place that business to business owners can connect and form partnerships. Placing your business and contact information in at least a handful of high-profile directories is helpful not only in finding new clients but also as a potential resource for finding business partners.

Including your business details on a local directory links you with local connections.

You may not think of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn as directories but in a manner of speaking, they can function as such. These sites all offer businesses an opportunity not only to be discovered in search engine results, but also offer the ability to link back to a business website, which adds to your company’s authority, trustworthiness and therefore can amplify your SEO.

A local directory connects your business to your immediate surrounds but can also reach further through the power of social networks.

Creating a Free Business Listing


Make sure that you have all your information listed correctly in every directory you’re registered with.

It pays to provide quick, accurate, and helpful information so that people who are searching for a product or service can easily identify your company as a provider.

Since the information you provide is the hook to get customers to find out more… try making each listing include the same keywords and focus phrases – consistency delivers confidence.

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