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Business Survival Kit Podcast: Tough Calls

Welcome to ‘Business Survival Kit,’ a Mornington Peninsula podcast series delving into the crucial yet often underestimated aspects of business success. Join us as we explore essential strategies and insights necessary for thriving in today’s competitive landscape.

Episode overview

Tough Calls: Navigating Difficult Business Decisions 

Explore the multifaceted challenges and strategies of running a business with insights from Ray Jopling, Asuria Employment and Skills, Paul Pingiaro, Mornington Boat Hire and Sue Voss, Robinson Voss Accountants.

From the importance of business planning and understanding cash flow to making tough decisions and maintaining long-term viability, these conversations offer practical advice for entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey.

Learn about the value of market analysis, technology investments, and seeking professional help early. Whether you’re starting out, navigating growth, or reassessing your business direction, this series provides invaluable lessons to help you succeed and adapt in a dynamic business environment.


Ray’s expertise in business planning and financial management offers crucial guidance to help entrepreneurs make informed decisions.

Paul’s insights into evaluating business performance, investing in technology, and maintaining sustainability provide valuable lessons for both new and established businesses.

Sue brings expertise in long-term business planning and structural decisions, providing a holistic view of entrepreneurial challenges.

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Meet the guests

Ray Jopling, Asuria Employment and Skills

Ray Jopling, a small business mentor at Asuria, leverages his expertise in business and accounting to guide startups towards their goals. With a robust skill set in accounting and management, he assists with budget preparation, monitoring, business growth, and internal control processes, empowering small businesses to thrive. 

Paul Pingiaro, Mornington Boat Hire

black and white headshot of Paul Pingiaro from Mornington Boat Hire

Paul Pingiaro, with 25 years of expertise in tourism, business, and marine operations, leads an award-winning venture Mornington Boat Hire. Prioritising data-driven decisions, safety, and community engagement, he fosters a thriving team. Beyond his company, Paul actively contributes to industry advancements, with notable achievements including the Nescafé Big Break and recognition from tourism and heritage bodies. 

Sue Voss, Robinson Voss Accountants

black and white headshot of Sue Voss of Robinson-Voss

Sue Voss, Director of Robinson Voss Partners in Mt. Eliza, is dedicated to Business, Tax, and Superannuation Strategy. As Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Mount Eliza, she channels her passion for supporting Small Business and Community on the Mornington Peninsula, her lifelong home where she raised her family.  


Content updated June 2024

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