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Business Survival Kit Podcast: Risk Management

Welcome to ‘Business Survival Kit,’ a Mornington Peninsula podcast series delving into the crucial yet often underestimated aspects of business success. Join us as we explore essential strategies and insights necessary for thriving in today’s competitive landscape.

Episode overview

Risk Management: Strategies to Safeguard Your Business

Dive into expert advice on safeguarding your business from unforeseen challenges with effective risk mitigation strategies featuring Lou-Ann Gibson from HR Sustain and Rosemary Callaghan, BJS Insurance. Gain insights on insurance coverage and compliance with employment regulations to protect your operations.

Discover essential tips on integrating proactive measures that mitigate risks and enhance business continuity, equipping you with the knowledge to proactively manage potential threats and optimise your business’s stability and growth.


Lou-Ann’s commitment to supporting local businesses provides an insightful perspective on navigating both legal and operational challenges.

Rosemary’s extensive experience in insurance brokerage offers insights into risk mitigation and the evolving landscape of business liabilities.

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Meet the guests

Lou-Ann Gibson, HR Sustain

Black and white headshot of Lou-Ann HR Sustain

Lou-Ann Gibson envisions empowering business owners as confident people leaders at HR Sustain. With over two decades of HR experience across SMEs and family businesses, she delivers practical solutions in HR initiatives, Leadership Coaching, Team Development, and employee relations. Lou-Ann supports local businesses to achieve sustainable success and profitability, easing the burden of people management. 

Rosemary Callaghan, BJS Insurance

Black and white headshot of Rosemary Callaghan from BJS Insurance

Rosemary Callaghan is the Branch Manager at BJS Insurance Brokers on Main Street Mornington, boasting over 30 years of insurance experience. BJS, an Australian-owned company with branches nationwide, specialises in risk management for small to medium businesses and trades insurance. Committed to providing “Crazy Good” service, they ensure clients’ insurance portfolios offer suitable cover. 

Content updated June 2024

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