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Business Survival Kit Podcast: Mastering Cashflow

Welcome to ‘Business Survival Kit,’ a Mornington Peninsula podcast series delving into the crucial yet often underestimated aspects of business success. Join us as we explore essential strategies and insights necessary for thriving in today’s competitive landscape.

Episode overview

Mastering Cashflow: Ensuring Financial Stability  

Gain valuable insights into the financial aspects of running a business from Jeremy Worthington from Worthington & Associates and Shannon Smit from Smart Business Solutions. Discover strategies for managing cash flow, understanding costs, and maintaining healthy payment terms. Learn how to navigate seasonal fluctuations, leverage bookkeeping practices, and seek valuable advice from accountants.

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, these conversations provide essential tips for financial stability and growth. Perfect for entrepreneurs looking to enhance their financial literacy, this series offers practical advice on maintaining a profitable and sustainable business.

Jeremy’s expertise in the financial challenges faced by startups offers valuable insights into cash flow management and navigating financial complexities at all stages of business growth.

Shannon provides crucial guidance to help businesses maintain financial health. Her focus on practical cash flow strategies and actionable steps enhances financial management for entrepreneurs.

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Meet the guests

Jeremy Worthington, Worthington & Associates

Black and white headshot of Jeremy Worthington

Jeremy founded Worthington & Associates after spending several years with Big4 professional services firms. He offers personalised, high-quality assistance to startups and SMEs, aiding with cash flow, revenue, and profitable business growth. Specialising in grant applications, fundraising, expansion, sale, or retirement, Jeremy prepares clients for success at every stage of their journey. 

Shannon Smit, Smart Business Solutions

Black and white headshot Shannon Smit Smart Business Solutions

Shannon Smit, Managing Director of SMART Business Solutions Group and Transfer Pricing Solutions, and Founder of BITE Conference, is committed to nurturing a resilient local business community. With over 17 years of experience, her expertise spans accounting, financial planning, international tax laws, and more. Shannon actively contributes to the community, organising fundraising events for local not-for-profit organisations. 

Content updated June 2024

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