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A business permits ‘How To’ guide

If you are building or changing the way you use your land you may need a planning permit and/or a building permit.

Planning permits relate to the use of land in accordance with the planning scheme. A planning permit allows land to be subdivided, developed or used for a particular purpose, such as the use and construction of a house and any associated works; tree removal or to operate a business or other commercial activity.

Building permits relate to structures and are required to ensure a construction complies with the Building Regulations 2006. A building permit may be required for a structure, fence or retaining wall. Building permits are issued by a private registered building surveyor.

When a planning permit is required, it will need to be approved prior to a building permit being issued. The subsequent building permit must be consistent with requirements of the planning permit.

Prior to commencing any works talk to a planner to see if a planning permit is required, and then find a building team to discuss obtaining a building permit. For more informations please visit:

The Mornington Peninsula Shire encourages you to sign and number your business property so that customers can easily find you. There are several types of signage categories that we refer to including:

  • Movable signs
  • Shopping precinct or arcade signs
  • Directional signs
  • Advertising signs
  • Tourism signs

To view the Mornington Peninsula Signage Policy click here.

Footpath trading is actually referred to as Commercial Activity on Footpaths (CAOF). It refers to tables and chairs, display of goods, planter boxes, signage and more. The Mornington Peninsula Shire has a Commercial Activities on Footpath Policy that outlines the requirements for this activity.

The primary goal of the Commercial Activities on Footpath Policy is to provide a practical balance between the competing needs and interests of pedestrians and businesses whilst ensuring that there is continuous, safe and dignified access to all.

To access a permit application form and the Commercial Activities on Footpath Policy please visit: Commercial Activities on Footpaths

If you are organising a public event on the Mornington Peninsula you may need Shire approval.

To find out more head to: Guide to What’s On

The Mornington Peninsula Shire provides opportunities for temporary mobile food van vendors to add to the public’s enjoyment by allocating five static foreshore permits and two roving residential permits per year. The aim of the temporary permits is to provide food or soft drinks to the public at locations that are a distance from commercial seaside townships, but offer a valuable service to the community.

To view the Itinerant Trader Policy click here.

To find out how to apply for an Itinerant Trader permit please contact the Property Team on 5950 1164 or email them at property@mornpen.vic.gov.au.

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