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Ageism – an information guide

Ageism is the most pervasive form of prejudice in Australia, and while this form of discrimination can be unintentional or less obvious, it negatively affects older people and could even influence business success.

Despite experiencing staff shortage issues, businesses are often overlooking older candidates and missing out on the talent, skillset, and experience of older people in the workforce.

In fact, 1 in 6 companies have admitted to having an age above which they would prefer not to or would not employ people. This is a problematic mindset to have, especially given that the pension age has gone up and people are dealing with increased pressure from a rising cost of living.

Smart businesses build and maintain a multigenerational workforce, because they acknowledge that it is a productive, resilient, and enriched one, with a greater mix of ideas, knowledge, and perspectives.

Businesses who want to be more agile, more productive, and more inclusive are encouraged to take advantage of the free Age Discrimination Training delivered by the Australian Human Rights Commission. This training comes in two forms – a half-day workshop or an e-learning course.

The training will help businesses to understand:

  • What age discrimination is
  • Benefits of attracting and employing older people
  • Strategies for building a high-performing multigenerational workforce
  • How to engage and retain older employees


Content updated December 2023

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