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3 tips to get your business started with Canva

Canva is incredibly beginner-friendly, and users don’t need to have any design skills to be able to use it. Pre-designed templates offer the ability to create consistent content that not only looks good but is also fast to create. And for those that aren’t wanting to use a pre-designed template, it is very easy to create your own.

Online graphic design platform, Canva, is ideal for small business that either do not have a graphic designer or may have a graphic designer who is time poor and needs to be able to delegate to other members in the team without providing extensive training.

Local experts at Oraco, a Mornington Peninsula based branding and communications agency, have worked with Canva a lot – and they love how easy it is to make things look really good. We asked them for some advice on how local small businesses can best use Canva.

Free vs. paid version

When creating an account with Canva, there are two different types of accounts you can chose from, free and pro. Free is as it titled, 100% free access to the platform, but with some limitations. Whereas pro offers access to all features within the platform, but has a monthly or annual cost.

A free account is great and completely sufficient for many small businesses. However, the value you get with the pro account is considerable and definitely worth considering if it is within your budget.

When deciding which account type is right for you, other factors to consider include the brand kit, folders, templates, image/graphics libraries, editing features and export options. You can find more information on each of these features in the platform.

Image editing

Canva has a number of different effects and adjustments that can be added to an image. Cropping and adding colour effects (desaturate, colour overlays, filters and taking out backgrounds, adding shadows, etc.) are some of the edits you can make when using the platform.

You can make templates to use the same effects for future projects to ensure you maintain consistency throughout your feed – you want this to be cohesive.

Using templates to create branded content

Once you have identified the type of content you want to create in Canva, you can create templates for them. Common templates you may choose to set up could include types of posts for social media including, photo tiles, testimonial tiles, quote tiles, staff profiles, general product or service promo tiles, etc. You may also want to have a particular style for stories that will go into a highlight.

If you have a creative eye, Canva makes it simple to create a completely custom template – grab your brand kit and off you go! However, if you don’t feel that you possess the creative eye, don’t worry, you can use Canva’s pre-designed templates and easily change the colours, fonts, and imagery to match your brand kit.

Canva templates do update regularly and while it is great to be aware of design trends, make sure you don’t change your visual look just to jump on a trend – you still need to apply your branding. Brand consistency is key!

Creating visual content has never been easier, so don’t let the fear of not feeling skilled enough hold you back. Canva is a fantastic tool for users of all skill levels to manage brand consistency and cohesion in all they do.

The team from Oraco ran a workshop as part of the 2023 Mornington Peninsula Small Business Festival on this topic. More detailed information on using Canva to create on-brand content can be found on their website.

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Content published January 2024

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