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Putting reusable cups on the map

06 November 2023

Did you know, on the Peninsula alone, over 15,000 single use cups are thrown out each day? Single-use coffee cups (yes, even the certified compostable ones) are only used once before they end up as litter or are destined for landfill

Despite all sorts of claims, they are almost never recycled. Single use plastic is bad news for your business’s bottom line, our beaches & bays and your customers’ health (due to plastics leaching toxins).

I don’t want the packaging that I use in my business to outlive me!

Plastic Free Places member, Peninsula Cafe Owner

Due to the huge community interest in switching from single use to reusable cups, we are putting reuse-friendly venues on a map. Our community has told us they are looking for a directory of venues who actively encourage and ideally incentivise customers bringing in their reusable cups.

That’s why we are working with Plastic Free Peninsula, run by national non profit Boomerang Alliance, to create a reuse and refill directory. It will be widely promoted to both locals and visitors.

How do I qualify to join the directory?

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

  • Join the program (if you haven’t already, simply sign up for your induction)
  • Prominently display one of our reusable cup posters or offer a reusable cup swap program
  • Promote that you are reuse friendly on your socials
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