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Our community shapes paid parking for visitors 

14 August 2023

Mornington Peninsula Shire is aiming to introduce a Visitor Paid Parking Pilot this summer at three locations, with some refinements to the original Pilot rules following consultation with community and stakeholders.

Visitor Paid Parking Pilot

After extensive stakeholder engagement with the community and businesses at the three nominated locations, specific aspects of our Visitor Paid Parking Pilot have been reviewed and updated.

Influenced by community feedback and local knowledge, the following parking rules will be included in the pilot:

  • Business parking permit - allowing free parking at pilot locations for select volunteers and club members.
  • Staff parking permit – Allowing free parking at pilot locations for staff of directly adjacent businesses with no time restrictions, except for the 2P areas.
  • A daily price cap on the $6.20 per hour fee of $19.50.
  • Pro-rata parking fees – The parking app will allow visitors to pay for the exact period they have parked without the charge being rounded up to the nearest full hour rate. For example, if a visitor stays for 30mins the charge will be $3.10 not $6.20.
  • 15 minute ‘grace period’ – Vehicles that are simply dropping off and picking up passengers or have been unsuccessful in finding an available carpark will not be charged.
  • Parking restriction zones – Sunnyside and Flinders will be all day parking. Schnapper Point will have a mix of timed restrictions including 2P and 4P to encourage turnover but also ensure all day parking opportunities remain.

The proposed parking rules can be amended during the Pilot if required. Following the initial Pilot, Council will consider all feedback received and data collected. A successful review of the Pilot could see further expansion of the system to other foreshore areas on the Peninsula.

Residents are exempt from paying but are required to follow any parking time limits that apply. All residents will be able to apply for up to five foreshore parking permits per household, which will enable free parking.

These refined rules are designed to help reduce the impact of Visitor Paid Parking on stakeholders within the pilot locations, whilst still achieving the aims of the pilot

Mayor Councillor Steve Holland

Share your feedback

We welcome our community’s thoughts on the Visitor Paid Parking Pilot. To share your feedback, go to our website or pick up a hard copy form from one of our Customer Support Centres. Community members can share feedback for the duration of the Pilot.

For more information about the Visitor Paid Parking Pilot, to stay updated or to share feedback visit our website below.

We have been listening to the challenges and opportunities raised by our community and I encourage people to continue to share their feedback

Mayor Councillor Steve Holland
Regulations and permits

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