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Local distilleries train together on safety

18 April 2024

The distillery sector is a relatively new industry for Australia but is one that is growing rapidly.
The Mornington Peninsula is now home to a number of distilleries making products like
rum, vodka, whisky and gin.

Mornington Peninsula distilleries are working together to give their staff the opportunity to learn about their industry. These boutique businesses are part of a $271M wine and spirits manufacturing sector on the Mornington Peninsula, all employing local people in manufacturing and tourism roles.

Being such a new industry, training tailored to their sector can sometimes be hard to find. With this in mind the local distilleries have worked with their peak body to create a pilot ‘Introduction to distillery Safety’ training.

The training was organised by Australian Distillers association in conjunction with Spirits Victoria and funded through the Distillery Door program. This Agriculture Victoria program is designed to support skills development and boost the visitor economy.

The pilot course is running across Victoria with five workshops sold out in 3 days. A total of 95 people will participate in the course with 22 attending the Mornington Peninsula session.

Really liked the format. Being with industry peers meant we could discuss things based on our own experiences and bounce ideas off each other

Staff from local businesses such as Chiefs Sons Distillery (Somerville), Bass and Flinders Distillery (Dromana), Jimmy Rum Distillery (Dromana), Penny Avenue Distillery (Rye), Original Sprit Co (Somerville) and Stache House Beverage Co (Rosebud) attended the full day course at Bass and Flinders Distillery.

It was great. Really informative about the basics, but also about things that aren’t always easy to find like the storage of ethanol and regulations around that.

The full day workshop covered content developed by the industry for the industry, ensuring its relevance. Participants gained solid base knowledge on the range of safety issues found in a distillery, and have options to continue formal training in courses like a Certificate IV in Artisan Fermented Products (Distillery).

We are all distillers working in our own places banging out the best stuff we can, but its great to get together to learn and network

Participants finished the day with a knowledge test and left better informed and better connected.

As facilitators Sebastian Reyburn and Sebastian Costello both said “This course is designed to inform and educate so distillery staff can make better decisions around safety. A culture of safety is a culture of excellence”.

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