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Law changes for Peninsula food businesses

28 November 2023

On 8 December 2023, a new, stricter food standard will come into effect. It has updated food safety training requirements that impact most Australian food businesses, including those on the Mornington Peninsula.

What does your food business need to know?

If you own or manage a food business, you need to know that a new, stricter food standard will come into effect on 8 December, 2023:  Standard 3.2.2A – Food Safety Management Tools.

National Food Safety Standard 3.2.2A is a new food safety standard introduced across Australia for food service and retail businesses that aims to improve food safety and support consumer confidence.

It covers three food safety management areas:

  1. Food handler training
  2. Food safety supervisor (FSS)
  3. Substantiation of critical food safety controls, through either a Food Safety Program or other means.

Mornington Peninsula food businesses are well placed to meet this standard. Businesses must continue to employ a qualified Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) to ensure that all staff can handle food safely. Each business can choose to provide accredited food safety training for staff, or ask that food handlers complete free online training such as Do Food Safely. Home – DoFoodSafely (health.vic.gov.au).

All FSS’s must update their qualifications every 5 years. The Shire encourages each Class 2 food business to continue to use a Food Safety Program (FSP) as best practice and to provide substantiation of food safety controls. Food businesses that are undertaking any high-risk food handling activities must continue to follow an FSP. For food businesses using the Retail FSP template, this is now available online at FoodSmart (health.vic.gov.au).

Further information and resources are available from Food Safety Victoria at Introducing Standard 3.2.2A: Food safety management tools | health.vic.gov.au. Information on FSP’s and high risk food-handling activities is available at (Frequently asked questions about the food classification and regulatory changes | health.vic.gov.au). If you have any further queries regarding the new Standard please contact FSV at foodsafety@health.vic.gov.au


The Environmental Health Team has built a strong relationship with the Mornington Peninsula food industry over several years through a professional, respectful and educational approach to inspections and assessments.  The team wants to ensure that safe and suitable foods are being prepared for your customers, our community and visitors.

Inspections and annual site assessments are conducted either by appointment or unannounced at different times during the registration period, and need to take place when foods are being prepared or served. This needs to involve officers asking questions about your processes to determine the high-risk activities your business conducts.

Respect and courtesy are the foundation of a productive site visit, and food proprietors and staff are obliged under the Food Act to cooperate with health officers during each site visit. It is a serious offence under the Food Act to obstruct, threaten or intimidate an authorised officer.

The Environmental Health Team is happy to assist with any questions;  phone 5950 1373 or email food@mornpen.vic.gov.au.

This article originally published 28/11/2023
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