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Last chance to apply: Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program 2024

06 November 2023

The Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program (MTLP) is an award-winning, innovative professional development program like no other. The program is designed for people who have the passion and drive to grow as leaders within the industry.

MTLP is an exclusive program, limited to just 25 participants

Facilitated by positive psychology practitioner and consultant Mel Neil, the program gives participants the opportunity to build professional networks, refine their leadership skills and be an active part of Victoria’s future growth.


What can you expect to get out of the program?

  • MTLP will equip you with the emotional intelligence and management tools you need to be a more effective leader
  • It will help you to develop strong networks with like-minded industry professionals
  • It will assist you in increasing your personal and professional wellbeing
  • It will expose you to a number of tourism destinations and other leaders in the industry

Program content

  • Values
  • Productivity
  • Behavioural drivers
  • Emotional intelligence; managing, perceiving, using and understanding emotions
  • Self-awareness
  • Positive leadership and communication strategies
  • Coaching

How employers benefit from having a staff member doing the program?

Professional development is integral for the upskilling and retention of your best staff, so it’s important that employers can see the tangible and intangible benefits of a leadership program like MTLP. Based on the feedback from Graduates, here are the top ways MTLP can be of benefit to your business:

  • Identification and understanding of personal values
  • Fostering positive leadership
  • Part of a strong collaborative network
  • Confidence to better lead others
  • Increased effectiveness
  • Greater sense of purpose

Applications close Wednesday 15 November 2023

This article originally appeared on the VTIC website


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