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Looking after yourself, your staff and your customers is a critical success factor in running a successful business. Supporting the mental and physical health of your employees makes good business sense.

Health and wellbeing in the workplace is more than a feel-good fad. Looking after the our selves, staff and customers’  physical and mental health delivers positive outcomes. Delivering quality nutrition through your menu benefits your customers, while prioritising mental health in the workplace fosters a resilient and engaged workforce

Resources to help your business

Did you know that employee well-being reduces absenteeism, improves team dynamics, and contributes to a positive corporate culture? Use these resources to inform and guide your business with innovative ways to address health and wellbeing for your staff, your customers and yourself.

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Sometimes knowing where to start can be confusing. To help your business navigate becoming more focused on health and wellbeing in the workplace we have pulled together some case studies about local businesses doing things really well for you to read, check out the latest relating to health and wellbeing news or see what health and wellbeing events are programmed for the near future.

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Content updated April 2024

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