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New Agri/Food Industry Strategy launched

02 March 2023

The Food Economy and Agroecology Strategy was commissioned to drive sustainable growth in the agriculture, food and beverage sector whilst preserving and enhancing the regions ecology and biodiversity through agroecological approaches to farming and production.

It strongly aligns with Council’s Climate Emergency Response and positions the Mornington Peninsula as an exemplar of future food economies underpinned by sustainable production and resilience to future climate or supply shocks. It also aligns with Council’s Green Wedge Management Plan which provides much of the planning framework for land use planning in the Green Wedge (Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge.

The strategy recommends a number of key initiatives including:

The Strategy establishes the Mornington Peninsula’s Food Economy as an exemplar region for economic, environmental and social sustainability through collaboration, coordination and cooperation.

This Strategy will position the Mornington Peninsula at the forefront of change by transforming the way food is produced. It is informed by scientific research, Council’s own policies and engagement with producers, industry stakeholders and the community.

The Strategy recognises the huge importance of the food economy on the Peninsula but also recognises the immense opportunity for Mornington Peninsula to develop a reputation for verifiable clean, green production systems that guarantee product quality, ensure food safety and build natural capital on farms.

The targets and actions provided though the five pillars of the strategy aim to provide mechanisms and pathways to shift the Mornington Peninsula’s food economy to one that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

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