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TEDx Mornington // Made in the Kaleidoscope

17 March 2024 at 10:00 am in Mornington

An exclusive event that transcends ordinary experiences, promising a unique blend of personal enrichment, professional inspiration, and community elevation.

  • Unleashing Potential 
  • Connecting Communities 
  • Meet the Visionaries
  • Immersive Experience

Local presenters include:

Alex Wadelton – Creativity Evangelist
Amanda Kate – Self-Mastery Facilitator
Ash Butterss – Addiction Recovery Mentor, Holistic Transformation Coach & Mental Health Advocate
Ben Smith – Community Dreamer, Doer and CEO to various local support centres and groups
Brenda Denbesten – Women in STEM Advocate and Engineer
Jordana Borensztajin – Magician of Possibilities
Larissa Behrend – Epigenetics Health Revolutionist
Melo Calarco – Mindfulness and High-Performance Expert
Dr Pheng Low – Blue Zones-Inspired Health Strategist and Wellness Advocate
Som Puri – Marketing Copywriter & Personal Brand Storyteller
Steve Corney – Lifelong Narrator: Learning Strategist, Facilitator, and Legacy Weaver
Sughanda Bhargava Chapman – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Strategist (DEIB), Inclusive Path Weaver + Modern Polymath
Utkarsh Narang – Courage Catalyst
Xanthe Rivett – Ocean Biomimicry Connection Activist

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