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Strategic Marketing for Small Business

15 August 2024 at 10:00 am in Boneo

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Small Business Festival 2024 1 - 31 August 2024

A selection of no-cost, low-cost and value for money events to ‘pick and mix’ from.

Create a schedule of learning opportunities to suit your business needs.


  • Inspiring presentations, engaging activities and practical workshops especially designed for small businesses.
  • Opportunities for networking and connection to learn from others’ experiences.
  • Encouraging ways to start, run and grow a passion into profit.
  • Training sessions with experts providing valuable business insights to improve skills and knowledge.

Navigate the Marketing Maze

Are you in the midst of the marketing maze? Struggling with the myriad of choices? Wondering which channels, tactics, strategies and platforms are the best for your business?

Is too much energy, time and resources going into marketing and you still think (or know) you are missing opportunities?

This workshop is designed to give you clarity, direction, and actionable insights for your marketing efforts.

We’ll explore:

  • Strategy versus tactics: The power of putting strategy before tactics. By setting clear marketing objectives and goals, aligned with your business and where you are in the business lifecycle.
  • Six key pillars to strategic marketing: From social media to SEO, print brochures to email marketing – the marketing landscape is vast. We will simplify it all, and help you consider what you need to prioritise.
  • Experience and relationships: Superpower your marketing and connect with more customers.
  • AI and your business marketing: Ways to incorporate AI into your business marketing

Rivexe Digital act as a trusted partner to help business and organisations create sustainable growth and impact. We put strategy before tactics to get results, aligned with your business goals and objectives. We don’t reinvent the wheel or spruik big (unrealistic) promises, we lean into our unique blend of tried-and-tested frameworks combined with modern marketing methods. With experience across non-profits, social enterprise, government and business, Xanthe Rivett brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to share in this webinar.

We’re here to help you:

  • Reach and connect with more customers
  • Gain clarity around your message and strategy
  • Streamline, scale and improve

Meet Your Facilitator

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Xanthe Rivett
Rivexe Digital

Xanthe Rivett founded Rivexe Digital to help purpose-led businesses and organisations build their marketing and digital capability.

Xanthe has worked with not for profits, social enterprise and businesses to help them put strategy before tactics to get results, aligned with their business goals and objectives.

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