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Stock Sense livestock management workshop

22 July 2023 at 9:30 am in Tyabb

Learn how to manage your farm to help protect your livestock and community

Find out how to assess your property using 6 key management areas to determine how best to run your livestock. Then learn how to manage your livestock’s health and wellbeing.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, lifestyler, small landholder, or only own a handful of sheep, cattle or goats, this workshop will help you do the right thing for your livestock’s wellbeing and the environment!

Our speakers are:

  • Christine Gorman from Calmer Farmer Consulting is a hobby farm tailored advisor who will be speaking on risks and opportunities across key management areas of your farm. She will present how to assess your stock and land capability, the right infrastructure for livestock and soil testing for pasture and feed.
  • Dr. Mike De Diggelen from West Gippsland Vet Clinic will speak on how to manage your livestock health and wellbeing. He will present on diagnosing common livestock diseases, appropriate drenches, vaccinations and worming regimes, and the importance of quarantine of incoming stock to prevent disease spread.

VFF members and non-members are all welcome.

Registration is essential for catering purposes.

For more information, please contact the Stock Sense team.

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