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Social Media Stories & Reels

28 August 2024 at 10:00 am in Dromana

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Small Business Festival 2024 1 - 31 August 2024

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How to Make Stories and Reels for Social Media

The main objective with this workshop is to educate people on why they should use stories and reels for their business, then have a go and make one or two!

Course Outline

Introduction (10 minutes)
– What we’ll cover today
– Why stories and reels are important for social media

Module 1: Understanding Stories and Reels
– What are stories and reels: key features and differences
– Examples of effective stories and reels
– Benefits of using stories and reels for engagement

Module 2: Planning Your Content
– How to plan what you’ll share: creating a simple content plan
– Tips for storytelling and making your content engaging
– Using themes and series to keep your audience interested

Module 3: Creating Stories and Reels
– How to use the camera and tools in Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok
– Tips for shooting: framing, lighting, and sound
– Adding effects, filters, and music to enhance your content

Module 4: Editing Your Content
– Basic editing tools within social media apps
– How to trim, add text, and use stickers effectively
– Tips for creating a cohesive look and feel

Module 5: Posting and Promoting Your Stories and Reels
– Best practices for posting: when and how often
– Using hashtags, tags, and geotags to reach a wider audience
– Engaging with your audience: responses, comments, and DMs

Q&A and Wrap-Up
– Time for your questions and any last tips
– Quick review of what we learned
– Extra resources and what to do next

Materials Needed
– Smartphones with charged batteries
– Access to Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok
– Notes and simple content planning templates

Meet Your Facilitator

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Merrin Munroe
Owner, Merrin Munroe Digital

Merrin runs a Digital Marketing agency based out of Rosebud.

She is passionate about helping small businesses to get more customers, be more visible online and enjoys forming long lasting relationships with her clients.

She is not just your average marketer … She is an out of the box thinker, who likes a laugh and to add a bit of humour to your digital footprint.

Merrin also has a television production background and has recently attended her sixth Olympic Games as part of the Host Broadcast team on the swimming and sync swimming. She loves giving back to her community through her involvement in Lions and as a CFA volunteer. She recently joined the Board of Licola, a children’s camp in Gippsland run by the Lions. She is also the former president of Peninsula Business Networking, and is on the Collegians Committee from Toorak College

Her key to success is seeing the positive in things. Not focusing on the problem, but rather the solution. And being the digital marketing specialist that she is, Merrin also believes in thinking outside the box and being honest.

One of her favourite sayings in business is – Do what ONLY you can do in your business and outsource the rest.

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