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Masterclass Wellbeing

14 September 2023 at 6:30 pm in Rosebud

Our next Masterclass focuses on you!

Your mental health and wellbeing is the key to not just your happiness, but everyone around you.

Go home inspired, with a range of actionable items to find more joy and purpose in your own life, your family’s, your staff and colleagues.

Life in 2023 is complex. For most of us in leadership, the post COVID world is bringing new challenges. Whether you’re feeling the weight of an increasingly volatile global economy, impossible inflation and supply chain issues, high turnover and dwindling recruitment opportunities or the new pandemic of mental health – life in 2023, is wildly different and seemingly more complicated than the one we knew before.

One positive from our COVID experience is an increased awareness and focus on reducing the stigma around mental health and wellbeing. We were encouraged to exercise more, get back to nature, be kind to ourselves, connect with family and friends. But do we really understand what ‘mental health and wellbeing’ truly mean? How do we make sense of it and, more importantly, how do we integrate it into our lives to create lasting change? Women in Business MP is proud to be presenting this much needed Masterclass featuring a panel of experts who really know their stuff. They will share some of their key learnings and provide tips and interventions that we can integrate into our daily practice to help us grow and build resilience in not only our own lives, but those we lead.

Carli Phillips

Carli has been working in the wellbeing space for 25 years and brings a holistic approach to her work that encompasses both the physical and mental components of wellbeing. Carli joined WiB MP to help break down the stigma associated with mental health in our community and has a vision to enhance wellbeing one person at a time.

My hope is that when you walk away from this masterclass, I made you think, pause and find one (or many) moments you can turn around to start prioritizing YOU

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Jodie Belyea

Jodie is passionate about supporting women and this passion led her to create The Women’s Spirit Project, grassroots, volunteer-led initiative which aims to inspire and empower women experiencing disadvantage to transform their lives through fitness, health and wellbeing activities.

In moments of achievement and struggle, adventure reveals what we are made of what we are capable of, supporting us to grow in confidence and resilience; strengthening the mind, body and soul enough for us to back ourselves long after the adventure

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Rachael Bonetti

Rachael was a career EA who suffered burnout twice in her corporate career. This was the catalyst for her changing the trajectory of her career and creating her own business that

Empowers you to reach your full potential without sacrificing your wellbeing.

Rachel believes we should all show up as your best self at work and in life.

In 2021 I stepped away from my corporate career to share the powerful lessons I learned about creating impact, prioritisation, strategic planning, productivity and most of all – how to sustain high performance without burning out

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Tickets include a welcome drink, nibbles and a Q&A session which will be a safe place to ask questions.

10% of ticket sales will be donated to support our charity partners – Kara House and Women’s Spirit Project.

Get in quick and book your seat. Tickets are strictly limited with only 40 seats available.

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