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LinkedIn Implementation workshop

14 September 2023 at 1:00 pm in Mornington

Come along for a 2 hour session where you get your LinkedIn profile done!

Join us for this 2 hour LinkedIn implementation session, where you bring your laptop or phone, profile photo, banner, logo and any info you want to set up your profile with.

Hosted by Merrin Munroe and Michelle Scheibner, the session is where you GET IT DONE. It’s where you work ON YOUR BUSINESS, not where you sit and listen. We will be creating or updating your LinkedIn profile.

We will be splitting the session into 2 sections.

Beginners or basic profile setup.
If you don’t have a profile, have one you haven’t used for a while, or just need to add some content other than your name to your profile, then you will be working with Merrin Munroe.

Have profile but looking to improve
You have a profile, it’s set up ready to go, but you want to know how to use LinkedIn better, join groups, interact, use hashtags and get more leads, then you will be working with Michelle Scheibner.

What to expect from the day


  • You will be creating or updating your profile on the day
  • You will add a recent photo
  • You will add a banner photo
  • You will add a description
  • Set up your company details, bring logo
  • You will write your About Me info (maybe even trying out Chat GPT) if you want to
    Setting your profile name
  • And if enough time, we will make a post

Have profile but looking to improve:

  • You will review your profile and check what needs updating
  • Set your profile name (if not already done)
  • Discuss techniques to use LinkedIn in better ways
  • Make a post
  • Join a group / groups relevant to your industry and like several posts. Start to engage with the members
  • Hashtag use
  • How and why to use LinkedIn daily


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