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Hill & Ridge Emergency Planning Day

11 February 2024 at 3:00 pm in Red Hill

Are you a business located in Red Hill or Main Ridge with concerns about storm impacts, power and communication outages, or the local fire risk?

Join the Hill & Ridge Emergency Planning Day for a free afternoon tea and BBQ and:

  • Chat to local network members and partner agencies about preparing your family, pets and property for emergencies
  • Contribute to our local community emergency plan
  • Sign up to a local street group and grab your free Neighbour Card pack
  • Learn about your local risks (through the CFA Sim Tableactivity)
  • Register for a personalised property advice visit
  • Fun activities for the kid

Proudly supported by the Red Hill and Main Ridge Fire Brigades, the Hill & Ridge Emergency Network is a local initiative driven by the community to build emergency resilience and adapt to a changing climate.

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