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Business Accelerator Program for Builders & Trades #4: Manage your time

28 August 2024 at 5:30 pm in Somerville

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Small Business Festival 2024 1 - 31 August 2024

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Learn How Successful Business Owners get Time to Grow Their Business Without Sacrificing Income

This workshop will delve into key time management techniques tailored for the construction industry, including project scheduling, prioritisation of tasks, and the use of project management software.

Participants will explore methods to minimise downtime, streamline workflows, and effectively coordinate teams and subcontractors. Emphasis will be placed on identifying common time-wasting activities and implementing strategies to mitigate their impact.

Through interactive discussions and real-world case studies, builders will gain practical skills to better plan and execute projects, ensuring timely completion and enhanced project outcomes.

This workshop is part of a 4 Part Program specifically designed to help and support Builders & Trades with their small business.

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Meet Your Facilitator

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Terence Toh
Chief Transformation Officer
Building Profit by StrategiQ

As the Founder, and Chief Transformation Officer of StrategiQ Business Growth, and the creator of Building Profit, Terence is a results-based business coach, and entrepreneur who loves helping Builders and Trades Business Owners to grow and prosper.

Terence is also the creator of the One Message Away Challenge, co-host of the Unfair Advantage Project Podcast, and Keynote Presenter.

Since beginning his entrepreneurial journey at age 19, Terence has founded, grown, and exited, multiple six and seven figure businesses. Terence’s unique, experience driven, and often counterintuitive perspective is a refreshing alternative to the cookie cutter approach to business success, and is backed by more than 27 years of real-world business experience.

When Terence is not helping a new generation of business owners to create more profitable and sustainable businesses, you might find him surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding, and enjoying time with his wife May, and their 6 children.

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