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A Guide to Disability Action & Inclusion Plans

22 February 2024 at 4:00 pm

An Accessible & Inclusive Tourism Conversation (AITCAP) Webinar

Start 2024 with a great webinar on what should be one of the first steps in your accessible and inclusive journey, creating a Disability Action and Inclusion Plan (DAIP). If you’ve been wondering

  • What is it?
  • Why do I need one?
  • What should it include?
  • How do I go about developing a DAIP?
  • How should I use it?

Then we have answers for you! Join us as we talk with Frances Riggs, GetAboutAble’s Access and Inclusion Consultancy Manager and Toora Women, an organisation which has recently gone through the process of developing their Disability Action and Inclusion Plan.

There will be Q & A towards the end of the webinar.

Frances Riggs — Access and Inclusion Consultancy Manager
Frances has worked in the disability sector for 20 years, and is passionate about shaping diverse and inclusive communities that enable participation by people with disability. She has extensive experience and knowledge of project management and community development across a number of areas including in the disability sector, overseas aid, development with Oxfam Australia and as a Volunteer Abroad.

Accessibility features for this event:

A chat function will be available during the live event and accepts dictation through software like Dragon Naturally Speaking.
Live auto captioning will be on, to access it simply click on the CC button near the bottom of the screen.

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