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Creative Projects Fund

13 December 2023

Get support for your next creative work that defines and represents Victoria’s cultural identity and breaks new ground. Designed to spotlight local talent, the initiative encourages diverse projects, particularly from Indigenous and disabled creators.

What is the Creative Projects Fund?

The Creative Projects Fund supports projects led by Victorian professional artists, creative practitioners, groups/collectives and creative micro to small organisations which can include projects collaborating with creative and non-creative personnel (such as technicians, publicists etc).

Funding can be used to:

  • Develop new creative content, products, or experiences and/or
  • Present/launch creative content, products or experiences to local, national, and international markets and audiences.

To view the program guidelines, scroll down to the Guidelines and Tools section on the website below.

What’s involved?

Funding available

We accept requests for funding ranging from $5,000 to $20,000.

Accessibility costs

If you are applying for the Deaf and Disabled stream, you can apply for general project costs, plus up to $3,000 to cover any specific costs that will help improve accessibility involved in the project.  Refer to the Guidelines for further information.

Who can apply?

This program accepts applications from the following Victorian based creative practitioners that meet Creative Victoria’s general eligibility (see below) and the following program eligibility:

  • You are an individual and/or collective/group or micro to small organisation.
  • You have an active ABN. If you do not have ABN, you can apply for ABN online or apply for the grant through an auspice body with an ABN.
  • If you’re a collective that isn’t legally constituted, you must outline a confirmed auspice arrangement
  • Unincorporated associations will need to either apply under auspice, or have an individual apply on behalf of the group.
  • We only accept one application per applicant (including under auspice. Auspice organisations may apply on behalf of multiple applicants.)

The primary focus of your proposal must include Victorian professional artists, creative practitioners, collectives, groups or organisations AND a creative project that addresses the program’s outcomes.

  • We encourage applications from across creative industries, including but not limited to cabaret, circus, contemporary dance, design, digital games, fashion, literature, multidisciplinary and experimental work, music, physical performance, screen, sound art, theatre, visual arts and craft.

This program has three streams:

  • First Peoples creatives stream
    Applications led by Victorian First Peoples creatives will be assessed in alignment with Aboriginal self-determination by an assessment panel of First Peoples creative industries peers.
  • Deaf and Disabled creatives stream
    Applications led by Victorian Deaf and Disabled creatives can choose to be assessed by either a mixed panel of creative industries peers with lived experience of deafness and disability (the Deaf and/or Disabled panel), the First Peoples assessment panel or a creative discipline peer assessment panel.
  • General stream
    All other applications will be assessed by specific creative industries peers depending on the creative discipline assessment panel chosen.

Please note:

  • Applications from non-First Peoples creative entities that contain First Peoples activity may also be reviewed by a First Peoples panel to ensure cultural protocols are demonstrated in the applications.
  • If you are eligible to apply to more than one stream (for example, First Peoples and Deaf and Disabled), please speak to program staff about which stream you are choosing to apply through, and which assessment panel you would like your application reviewed by.

Key dates

Round opens: Thursday, 7 December 2023

Round closes: 3pm, Thursday, 1 February 2024

It takes approximately 12 weeks from the closing date until the funding results are available.

Grants and funding

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