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Changes to Sick Pay Guarantee

15 September 2023 | By vic.gov.au

The Victorian Government is significantly expanding the Sick Pay Guarantee to include more than 400 new jobs. That means thousands more people in casual and contract jobs can now access up to 38 hours a year of sick and carer’s pay.

What is the Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee?

The Sick Pay Guarantee provides 38 hours a year of sick and carer’s pay at the national minimum wage ($23.23 per hour) to eligible casual and contract workers in certain jobs.

It helps workers when they need to take time off because they’re sick or need to take care of a loved

Victoria is the first state in Australia to have this program. It is a three-year pilot program, fully funded by the Victorian Government.

What has changed?

The Sick Pay Guarantee pilot is also being extended until 13 March 2025. The pilot will run for three years, fully funded by the Victorian Government. There is no cost to businesses. 

You can support your eligible workers and community members by encouraging them to sign up to the Sick Pay Guarantee today so they can access sick and carer’s pay the next time they need it.

Workers can check their eligibility and sign up through Service Victoria.

New jobs eligible for the Sick Pay Guarantee

Casual, contract and self-employed workers in these industries may now be eligible to sign up:

    • Food, hospitality and accommodation

    • Retail and sales

    • Supermarkets and supermarket supply chains

    • Factories, manufacturing and warehousing

    • Administration, clerical and call centres

    • Cleaning and laundry

    • Beauty, fitness and personal services

    • Taxi, rideshare and delivery driving

    • Security

    • Carers, aides and social assistance

    • Health and welfare support

    • Farm, agriculture and animal care

    • Forestry, horticulture and gardening

    • Tourism and outdoor recreation

    • Arts and creative industries

Who is eligible?

Casual and contract workers, including independent contractors and sole traders with no employees, are
eligible to sign up.

To be eligible, workers must:
• not have access to paid annual, personal, sick or carer’s leave entitlements in any job
• be aged 15 years or older
• physically work in Victoria
• have the right to work in Australia
• work an average of 7.6 hours per week or more in an eligible job.

Need more information?

Call: 1800 979 641
Hotline hours of operation:
Monday to Friday, 8AM – 6PM
Saturday, 9AM – 5PM
Sunday, 10AM – 3PM
Public holidays, closed

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