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Can you help the next generation of workers?

28 April 2023

The Frankston Mornington Peninsula Local Learning and Employment Network (FMPLLEN) links local employers and industry to secondary schools to improve education and employment outcomes for young people in our region.

Through this program, you can volunteer as an employer for mock interviews with senior secondary school students to help them develop their skills and guide them through this important process.

Why should employers participate in mock interviews?

This program presents a rewarding opportunity to support senior students in gaining confidence in themselves for what will be a very important, and often daunting, experience. Your expertise and tips could prove to be invaluable to them when they are ready to enter the working world.

In addition, as an employer, it doesn’t hurt to get some interviewing practice in. You can always learn from the students answers about what type of skills junior employees have and what they look for in their employers.

“It is terrific being a part of this program and helping young people gain confidence in their interview skills. It also gave me some practice especially when talking to young people…There were a couple I would have definitely offered a job to!”

How does a mock interview work?

Students learn basic interview skills that they are then asked to apply in a simulated interview setting. They get hands-on experience with job-searching, resume/cover letter writing and interview preparation. They will then select a real job advertisement to respond to in a practice application process.

Students will then attend an interview event and undergo a mock interview with a real local employer (volunteer). The interview will last around 10 minutes, and interviewers will be given a set of questions to ask the student. Overall, interviewers will conduct 5-8 short interviews.

If you’d like to join the pool of mock interviewers or you would like further information, use the link below to contact Lauren at the FMPLLEN

This article was originally published by Frankston Mornington Peninsula Local Learning and Employment Network

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