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About us

This website is managed by the Mornington Peninsula Shire Economic Development Unit. Our role is to support local businesses while promoting the long-term economic sustainability of the Mornington Peninsula.

Our team deliver a range of services to assist every stage of business development. From starting out, to navigating challenges along the way, as well as support for improvement or expansion.
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Local businesses play a vital role in the growth and success of the region and the Shire is committed to strengthening local businesses and supporting economic growth. This is why we have a dedicated unit focused on the economy and business.

The Mornington Peninsula has a rich and diverse economy producing a gross regional product of $9.536 billion per annum. It is home to around 17,285 businesses which employ about 74,058 people locally. While there are some very large businesses on the Peninsula, the majority employ less than five people.

You can find out more from our economic snapshot and strategies for Economic Development and Tourism and Food Economy and Agroecology.

The Economic Development Unit supports business and industry on the Mornington Peninsula with the aim of creating an environment where they can thrive. Our team works with all types of small, large, new and existing businesses across the Peninsula and offer a range of services and business support activities.

In our unit, we have Agriculture and Agroecology officers, Tourism Services officers as well as Business and Industry Support officers, but there are also a huge number of other teams at the Shire that can help local businesses. We can help you connect to them as well.

We develop resources and provide direct access to information tailored towards businesses growth and professional development. Whatever your industry or specialty we are here to help your business.

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We are committed to encouraging collaboration among the local business community and providing a connection to valuable networks such as trader groups, industry associations and chambers of commerce.

So what exactly is economic development?

The following video produced by Economic Development Australia, is a helpful resource to gain industry insights and shed some light on the breadth of economic development.

Australian economic development professionals have been at the forefront of driving economic recovery in cities and regions, and the efforts to make our cities and regions better places to live and work.

~Jacqueline Brinkman, CEO EDA
Content updated: January 2024